Specimen Audio – Aerosel 24

Work has begun on a horn of unprecedented stature. Eight horns to be exact.

They are 24 feet tall and fly through the air, gyrating and twisting, coming and going like children on a merry go round. All the while, emitting a uniquely realized musical composition created specifically for this amazing sonic device.

Is it sculpture with a soundtrack or music with a physical presence?

Pitch shifting Doppler effects and phase shifting interplay create a kaleidoscopic palette of sound.  Sound, movement and structure come together for a unique presentation of technological and artistic triumph.

A composer will create music for the most unique sound reproduction device humanity has ever seen. Who will it be? The Aerosel will tour the world.

It works like this:

First, the skeletal Maquette is made. A helically coiled and octagonally fluted curve is constructed from birch dowels, Linden wood vertebrae, and silk covering. At first this gorgeous geometric phenomenon is hung as a dynamic shadow play device. Its undulating and flowing projected shadows illustrate the complex interplay of different angles and rotating polygons.

This large structure is made in multiple sections in order to transport conveniently and reassemble on site, hanging for display.

The skeletal prototype will be covered completely in silk, another stage in the metamorphosis of the Aerosel. Once the Giant Maquette is fully covered in fabric, a mold will be made of it to create completely hollow horn structures from fiberglass. These will have 12” coaxial speakers mounted to them.

Eight of them 24 feet tall. These will be mounted to the final Aerosel device.