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Welcome to the Chicago School of Guitar Making. Here you can learn instrument repair, design and making directly from a professional luthier in their workshop. We also teach tube amplifier electronics. CSGM was founded in 2005. Since then, thousands of students have enrolled in CSGM classes. Many have started careers as Luthiers, Guitar or Amp Technicians, and craftspeople of all stripes and scopes.

COVID-19 and the current situation

Moving forward in accordance with civic recommendations of Chicago, masks will be required and we will observe social distancing and thorough hygiene practices. The shop is a nice open space with good cross ventilation from the outside. We must all do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ian Schneller


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Chicago School of Guitar Making
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Guitar Making & Repair Courses

Setup & Maintenance for Guitar and Bass

Guitar Technician Training Program

Acoustic Guitar Making

Electric Guitar Making

Guitar Design

Open Work Shop


Bone Nut Making

Bone Nut & Saddle Making

Guitar Repair and Restoration

Guitar Electronics Repair & Upgrades



Tube Amplifier Making & Repair Courses

Tube Amp Making: Guitar Amp or Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier

Amp Camp – Tube Amp Making + Repair Fundamentals

Tube Amp Repair Course I – Fundamentals

Tube Amp Repair Course II – Advanced

Tube Amp Repair Courses I+II – Combined


Acoustic Guitar Making Summer Camp

“I will be forever grateful for everything I learned from this course! Never thought a cool summer vacation course would change my life forever.”

— Ed Paik,



Fretting Course

“I took your re-fretting class back in 2008. It was key in allowing me to go full time in the guitar business. I left my corporate job at the end of that year and started doing repairs and lessons in my basement. That grew into a full retail guitar shop with assistants and instructors. Thank you, Ian for providing these classes. You are helping people live their dreams.”

— Alan Morrison, AM Guitar Works



Guitar Tube Amp Making Course

“Hi Gentlemen,
GREAT workshop this weekend, it exceeded all my expectations. The playlists and the shop humor were right up my alley too, pitch perfect (ditto for Mike). I was especially pleased that Dane was able to walk out with a killer functioning amp, he is so stoked about that. A great learning experience for him for sure, it really pushed him and it paid off.

For me (as I said when we were leaving), I kind of didn’t expect to completely finish a Princeton Reverb way back when I signed up, but I can now see the finish line and will enjoy the final steps at home (many thanks Kye for jumping in and getting so much done Sunday PM!). If I get totally stuck, or just run out of life-bandwidth I’ll ping back and mail the chassis back to you for professional finalization.

BTW, I was able to finish off my Princeton Reverb after I took the class. Works GREAT, I gig with it every week. I might try to take your Amp Repair class this summer (assuming I can get the time off work).

We shall meet again I bet. Stay cool until then.”

—Dave Hill

Workshops are offered throughout the year. A new schedule is released every six months. Start and end times will vary with each course.

Classes and course programs are offered with a varying number of completion hours. Longer courses offer more hands-on workbench time, giving students a greater opportunity to practice the lessons learned and develop skill with guidance from the instructor. Shorter courses are perfect for those who prefer to practice on their own at home.

Courses are scheduled on consecutive days or evenings, or as  One Day seminars, and also as extended day time immersion workshops during summer. Evening courses meet during the week and are offered September through May.

Summer workshops offer an outstanding value as an immersive making and learning experience. Here the ambitious student can make use of the extra time and guidance available to see a complex project to fruition and make large strides toward developing advanced skills within a very short time.



The school is located at Specimen Products, 1240 N. Homan Ave, Chicago IL, 60651.

The school’s workshop is outfitted with luthiery workbenches stocked with all of the specialized tools and supplies necessary to complete any of the projects underway in our classes.

Guitar workshops are part of our foundation curriculum and are structured to teach students the essentials of guitar design, construction and repair.

All of our foundation courses provide a good groundwork for anybody interested in building their own custom guitar.

Electronics workshops teach the fundamentals of audio electronics circuits and the construction techniques used in any electronics assembly or repair project. In addition to offering the student work space, tools and guidance to see them through a chosen project, these workshops prepare the student to approach electronics projects mindfully, from the perspective of an electronics professional.

Depending on the students desired focus, we offer suggested bundles of curriculum to suit their specific needs. Classes listed in bundles are not necessarily in a specific order.


Ian Schneller
In 1986 Ian Schneller founded Specimen Guitar Shop as an artist studio where he would design, build and offer his own line of custom guitars and tube amplifiers, and provide custom guitar services and repairs. Later, Ian established Specimen Products as a division of his custom guitar shop to expand into a design and production firm. Here he would create and produce a variety of unique handcrafted items, from whimsical to artfully utilitarian. Specimen Products’s centerpiece is the AUDIO LINE. Ian’s own designs of handmade Horn Speakers and Hi-Fi Tube Amplifiers. Ian’s arrays of Specimen Horn Speakers have been exhibited as Sonic Arboretum in a partnership with Andrew Bird at major museums on the U.S.

Ian established the Chicago School of Guitar Making in 2005, devising the school’s entire curricula, teaching all the courses, creating the area’s only school of luthiery. Since its inception, Ian has taught most CSGM courses, giving hundreds of workshops, tutoring more than 2000 students, and training dozens of apprentices.

Ian is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA, and the Memphis Academy of Arts, BA.  Ian has taught Sculpture at SAIC.

Kye Kennedy
Kye Kennedy is a master amp electronics and stage technician, working primarily in Nashville. Kye created and teaches the school’s Tube Amp Diagnostics & Repair curriculum.


Registration & Course Details

For course details, fee and registration, please select a class from Chicago Workshops.

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