Stringed Instruments, Horn Speakers, and Tube Amplifiers by Ian Schneller

Welcome to the Chicago School of Guitar Making

Classes and Open Shops are back up and running adherent to local policies and guidelines. We wear masks, the space is very open with lots of fresh outside air and cross ventilation, we exercise safe hygiene. The workshop has been rearranged with workbenches ten feet apart and class size is limited. Come learn and create at CSGM!

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January 2021

5E3 Deluxe Line Out and Dummy Load Modification

Exploit all the glorious tone of your 5E3 Deluxe without blowing out your eardrums! This simple modification for the stock 5E3 Deluxe amplifier replaces the original 2 output jack circuit (1/4 SPK and 1/4 EXT SPK) with another that adds a 1/4″ Line Level Out and an 8Ω dummy load.   The Line Out mod […]

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December 2020

The New Yorker

Andrew Bird’s Cozy Melancholy The singer-songwriter-whistler-violinist adapts his “Gezelligheid” holiday concerts for the pandemic age. By Sarah Larson December 7, 2020 For the past several holiday seasons, Andrew Bird, the warmly tuneful singer-songwriter-whistler-violinist, has performed a concert series called “Gezelligheid”—meaning “coziness,” or kind of a Dutch hygge—often at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago. The holiday […]

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