I have been creating custom instruments, amplifiers, and horn speakers (among other things) in my Chicago shop since 1986. Each creation is a Specimen, made by hand. In 2005 I founded the Chicago School of Guitar Making to keep the art of luthiery and tube electronics alive and thriving.
—Ian Schneller

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June 2018

Aluminum Electric Ukulele

It is time again to unleash the bandsaw and drill press in the glorious ritual of machining aluminum for new Specimen bodies. This tailpiece is carved out of a billet of aluminum Holes are drilled to lighten the structure. Old warhorses in repose SaveSave

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March 2018

Enjoy Illinois

According to Ian, in today’s society, not many children learn how to make and design products from scratch. Specimen Products aims to fill that gap. In some ways, Ian says, the Chicago School of Guitar Making is like “Montessori for adults.” It’s about working with your hands, about the tactile experience of creating something, about […]

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