September 15, 2009

Thrillist Nation

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Thrillist Nation features Specimen Little Horn SpeakersWhen exclusive stuff hits the mainstream it can really take off — Burberry originally designed the trench coat for pre-WWI soldiers, and now that Facebook’s for everyone, your mom and all her friends can finally see how slutty you are. Bringing the public top notch sounds, Little Horn Speakers.
Thrillist features Specimen Little Horn SpeakersThe work of a Chi Art Institute-trained sculptor who has spent years crafting musical instruments and custom audio equipment for area musicians (Andrew Bird’s a repeat customer), Little Horn now offers the home audio enthusiast his work, the culmination of years of disciplined research and craftsmanship, like the rigorous undertaking that produced GoGurt. Compatible with nearly any stereo system, the speakers are three feet tall and sit on an 8″ cube base of Baltic birch plywood with a gramophone-esque octagonally fluted horn, and deliver auditory power and clarity that belies their relatively compact stature, like that tiny dude on Fantasy Island. For those who wish to further steez up their already sharp aesthetic, the horns come lacquered and are available in numerous custom finishes on either their interior or exterior, many of which (walnut, amber, dark red) the artist also uses for his instruments; or for even more personality, the speakers can be left white for an artist to have his way with them, just as long as that artist is not R. Kelly.

Because people love to coordinate, they’ll soon be rolling out iPod-compatible custom satellite subwoofers featuring the same choice materials used on the speakers, but not nearly as choice as the material your mom sent to everyone before learning about privacy settings.