August 25, 1996

New York Times Magazine

Specimen Aluminum Maxwell in New York Times MagazineThis is a photograph of an apartment featured in the article “Grand Funk: Old world elegance wired for sound”. In the photograph is the Specimen Aluminum Maxwell. According to the article, the resident restored her apratment in part to match this guitar. In fact, “massive plaster moldings were restored, then slathered with a ‘wet’ aluminum paint, to resemble the glitter of an electric guitar.”

This guitar disappeared after it was purchased in 1991. Its exact whereabouts were unknown until this article appeared five years later. According to the article, the apartment belongs to a “young woman in residence, television producer by day, an electric-bass player by night (she recently opened for Courtney Love)”. It was sheer luck to have come across this photo while reading the paper one day. It would be even luckier to find out who now owns it.

Article written by Timothy Jack Ward