Building an Electric Lute

The electric lute is for Michiel Niessen a prominent lute player from the Netherlands. His instrument will have ten strings, three of which share a longer scale and are fret-able drones. The neck is exceptionally wide compared to a guitar and embodies three carbon fiber reinforcements for stiffness.

This prototype is taking the shape of an oversized Maxwell guitar which I realized is actually shaped like a lute with horns!

While building this instrument I had fantasies that I would be able to get around this instrument as a player, you know, make a quick adaptation and get \”early”. As it turned out, this was not the case. This E-lute is a completely different instrument in its intended tuning. I think this makes the project all the more significant as it truly is an anomaly in the modern world. I cannot wait to hear what Michiel does with it. I think there are great things in store.

You can see images of the finished instrument here.