Repair Journal Gibson U Harp Guitar Restoration

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I did a full restoration on this Gibson Style U. Lots of seam and crack repair. Repaired bridge and tuners. Some finish touch up. I fabricated a tuning hammer for the harp strings as it was missing.  It was sold to the owner as a wall hanger but was actually very redeemable and played great when it was finished! The Gibson Style U was a harp guitar produced by the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company from 1902 until 1925. The Style U was produced in several different configurations over the years, with the most common variation having ten sub-bass strings.

“A truly legendary piece of gear, the Gibson Style U Harp was one of the company’s first ventures into uncharted design territory. The forerunner to the double-neck guitars which would appear half a century later, the U Harp combined 10 sub-bass strings and six in standard tuning along with a spruce top and birch body for a lush sound in an unprecedented package. A collector’s item in every sense of the term.”