There is a certain appeal to the portability of an instrument that you can tuck under your coat or fit into a overhead compartment. These cross-over pieces have always been enjoyable builds; they often necessitate special hardware which adds to their unique feel. Many of these instruments feature parts machined from billet aluminum and other materials. When one builds from the ground-up, it is an opportunity to tightly control quality and aesthetic in arenas where we often settle for over-the-counter goods. There is a great romance to the ukulele and it is surprising how many inquiries we receive about our electric models. It makes one wonder why there aren’t more production electric ukes.

  • Specimen Custom Electric Ukulele

    Key Wester Electric Ukulele

  • Specimen Custom Electric Ukulele

    Solid-body Electric Ukulele

  • Specimen Aluminum Electric Ukulele

    Aluminum Electric Ukulele

  • Specimen Custom Solidbody Electric Ukulele

    Electric Ukulele

  • tenor pair

    Tenor Ukulele Siblings