Specimen custom guitars are crafted using traditional techniques like hand rasping and carving and feature classic nitrocellulose finishes. Most are electric guitars and basses created from traditional materials, but some also feature unusual materials such as phenolic, aluminum, bell brass, masonite, exotic woods, and insect parts.

Most Specimens are one-of-a-kind instruments, while others have developed into my standard models. Custom guitars like the Pippin, Maxwell and Luddite became a series of electric guitars built around common design features. Specimens are created one at a time and built to last many lifetimes.

There are usually a few instruments ready for immediate shipment, though most are made to order with specifications and details dictated by the customer. Lead times can vary from six months to two years. A fifty percent deposit puts you on the calendar.

  • Specimen Luddite Guitar


  • Specimen Luddite Super Custom Guitar

    Super Luddite

  • Specimen Halfling Custom Guitar

    Halfling Luddite

  • Specimen Luddite Ultra Custom Guitar

    Ultra Luddite

  • Luddite Amontillado Acoustic/Electric Guitar

  • Sopranocaster

  • Marmitecaster

  • Peregrine Luddite Custom Guitar

    Peregrine Luddite

  • Specimen Custom Aluminum Tele Deluxe Guitar

    The Aluminum Deluxe

  • Checkerboard Squares Tele

  • Stratocaster with Slotted Headstock

  • Specimen Custom Guitar for Franz Ferdinand Alex Kapranos

    Emerald Deluxe Guitar