Horn Speakers

I began creating horn speakers in 1998 to use for musical instrument amplification. Their unique projection and efficiency made them ideally suited for difficult-to-amplify instruments like the violin, harmonica and banjo. I then began creating high-fidelity speakers, pairing them with sensitive full-range drivers used for high-fidelity playback and discovered that a special spatial effect is achieved wherein the sound source becomes elusive and music playback is stunningly realistic. These horn speakers, with their smaller diameter drivers achieve a larger-than-life sound stage with excellent high frequency detail and no crossover to cause distortion.

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    Calla: 43-inch Audio Horn Speakers

  • order now Specimen Lederhorn Audio Horn Speaker

    Liederhorn Audio Horn Speakers

  • order now Hornling Hi-Fi Audio Horn Speakers in Dark Walnut

    Hornlings: 26-inch Audio Horn Speakers

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    Hornlets: 19-inch Audio Horn Speakers

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    Little Horns: 36-inch Audio Horn Speakers

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    Little Horn Mini: 23-inch Audio Horn Speakers

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    The Specimen 144 Audio Horn Speaker

  • Specimen Gimbal Horn Speaker in progress

    Gimbal Horn Speakers

  • Plumb Horn Speaker

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    Spinning Double Horn Speaker – Ceiling Mounted

  • order now Specimen Custom Double Spinning Horn Speaker

    Spinning Double Horn Speaker

  • order now Specimen XL Double Spinning Horn Speaker

    XL JANUS Spinning Double Horn Speaker