Wildebeest Guitar

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The Wildebeest is an outgrowth of the Luddite in that it is the exact silhouette with two bites taken out for access to the neck extension. There is a thickening of the neck at the twelfth fret just where a heel would be placed on a Luddite. This is to lend reinforcement to the part of the neck that would incur dreaded “Ramp” that is the death knell of most modern production instruments. Guitars suffering from this affliction tend to have high action and still buzz above the twelfth fret. The problem is solved with the non-adjustable steel reinforcement in the neck to make the instrument long lived, stable, and tonally superior. 

The Wildebeest offers common sense engineering in a truly modern instrument.

24” scale (custom order available in other scale lengths).

Crazy book matched maple burl top.

This instrument is available for immediate shipment or pick up at Specimen Chicago workshop.

  • Pickup

    Twin Dimarzio humbuckers

  • Bridge

    Graph Tech Floyd Rose vibrato with Piezo electric sensors and integrated blending preamp

  • Fretboard

    Macassar ebony

  • Headstock

    Macassar ebony

  • Body

    Quartersawn African Mahogany with bookmatched Maple Burl cap

  • Other Features

    Non adjustable steel reinforcement in neck for exceptional tonality, stability, and longevity

  • Scale length