Übercaster Guitar

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The Übercaster was first made for a client who simply knew what he wanted from a guitar, so we quickly conjured up a treasure map. I am happy to report that it was well within reason, so I made it , and here it is.

It is a bit more elaborate than the usual request, but it is comfy and intuitive, and while building it, I thought, “what will be done with this?”


  • Neck


  • Scale Length

    25" or to order

  • Fretboard

    Ebony, side dots only, 24 frets with deepened cutaway

  • Truss Rod

    Twin carbon fiber non-adjustable

  • Tuners

    Sperzel non-locking tuners

  • Body

    Chambered Basswood with bookmatched flame maple cap, black binding front and back, ghostly white pearl sunburst

  • Pickups

    Lindy Fralin hot humbuckers with center taps

  • Bridge

    Wilkinson vibrato unit fitted with hexaphonic transducers

  • Other Features

    Normal magnetic output, stereo acoustic/magnetic output, midi output, kill switch, compartment for camp stove and utensils,
    or to order

  • Shipping

    Free Shipping within the continental U.S.

This guitar truly has the tonal qualities I have been raving about for years to all my students and anybody else who will listen.

The NON-adjustable neck reinforcements are truly a stunning feature. They are stable against climate shift or warping. They don’t rattle. They don’t break or strip out. They do not create wolf resonances, the ones that keep people awake in aggravation.

I invite you to hear and feel the performance of a guitar made this way. Proper geometry must be crafted into a neck. Then it will sing for many generations.

Specimen Ubercaster Custom Guitar
Specimen Ubercaster Custom Guitar
Specimen Ubercaster Custom Guitar
Specimen Ubercaster Custom Guitar
Specimen Ubercaster Guitar
Specimen Ubercaster Guitar