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Tube Amp Repair Lab

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Our Tube Amp Repair Laboratory teaches the techniques and skills necessary for the amplifier service technician through hands-on testing and repair operations, observation and discussions. Designed for students with a fundamental electronics knowledge base this course is taught from the standpoint of the amp repair professional. Perfect for anyone who wishes to prepare for entry into the electronics service and repair industry. 

Students will perform diagnostics tests, evaluation, analysis, and repair or modifications operations on their own tube amplifiers. Student amp service operations are supervised and guided by the instructor under observation of students in class.  They will observe and discuss all amp diagnostics tests and repairs performed by students in the class, broadening their understanding of a variety of  amps, repair problems and practical applications.

Students are required to bring one or more of their own tube amplifiers to repair or modify in this course.

PRE-REQUISITE: Tube Amp Repair I + II Courses or similar electronics experience.

This course is a part of our Amplifier Repair Technician Program which is open to students with no electronics experience.

Please contact us if you have questions about this course and pre-requisite experience at

Instructor Kye Kennedy brings decades of experience as an amp technician working for an impressive roster of clientele in Nashville, the mid-south and around the globe. His extraordinary amp repair curriculum is well thought out and comprehensive. Here is your chance to learn from an expert who is one of the best in the business. Seize this opportunity to advance your electronics knowledge and skills guided by a master amp technician!


  • Materials

    Students are required to bring one or more tube amplifiers to repair or modify themselves for the coursework in this class.

    Acquiring amplifiers to bring to class for the course work is the responsibility of the student, and is not included in the fee.

    Materials, components and hardware necessary for repairs or modifications that the student will use for their coursework amps are not included in the fee.

    The instructor will be available to advise the student on items to purchase either on one's own or through the school.

    The school provides all tooling and shop supplies necessary to complete this course.

  • Classroom

    Class size is limited to 6 students.

    Course is taught by an experienced electronics repair technician in our professional amplifier service shop.

  • Workshop Safety

    We recommend hearing, respiratory, and eye protection be used when working in the shop. We have this safety equipment available for use or purchase when in class and it is the students responsibility to exercise diligent use of these safety measures.

  • Fee

    Includes instruction and access to the specialized tools and shop supplies necessary to complete this course.

    Please note that all registrations are final and non-refundable.

    In the event that a student cannot attend a class, written notice must be given in advance to receive a credit to be used on another tuition. Valid credit may be transferred to another course date, or to another student, if so desired.

Amp Repair Laboratory – Diagnostics, Modifications, and Repair Hands On Training 

The Amplifier Laboratory provides hands-on amp repair experiences alongside the opportunity to benefit from the observation of a variety of amp repair problems students bring to the classroom. Instruction includes lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on amp repair guidance and supervision.

The student will learn and develop skills through working on one or more of their own amplifiers which will become examples in their portfolio, giving proof of their practice and reference to their learning.

Students will perform diagnostics tests, analysis, and modification or repair operations on their one or more of their own amplifiers in this course. They will share research findings with the class in preparation for their repair analysis and operations. Students will form an opinion for their own repairs based on their findings, class discussion, and the experience of the instructor. Each student will decide on the course of action for their own amplifiers, acquire necessary parts, and perform repair or modifications procedures under class observation with guidance from the instructor.

Students will create and maintain their own amp repair log book, a personal reference resource which will house their research, diagrams, diagnostics tests results, and the record of their repair analysis, component orders, parts lists, repair notes and outcomes.

Course topics include:

  • Making the Block Diagram 
  • Identifying signal path and components 
  • Diagnostic and repair tools for the professional
  • Test procedures 
  • Tests analysis
  • Options for repair
  • Parts acquisition
  • Safety protocols
  • Soldering technique
  • Repair procedures and best practices
  • Component and parts removal and insertion
  • Real life examples of a variety of tube amplifier problems and repair solutions*.

*This course does not guarantee that any amplifier a student brings to class will be repairable, or that the cost of replacement parts, or the extent of work necessary will justify a repair. These circumstances are commonly encountered in the amp repair service shop and thus present valuable lessons to the student and aspiring professional.


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