Tube Amp Making: Stereo Hi-Fi


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Students will make a SPECIMEN HI-FI Stereo Tube Amp in this workshop.

You may peruse the assembly instruction book here:

Instruction Book for Specimen Single Ended Stereo Tube Amp

This amp circuit is derived from the classic single-ended designs that began in the 1930s. This design is by Ian Schneller. The Baltic Birch frame completes this tube amp beautifully. The layout of this tube amplifier is simple and elegant, but most of all timeless, very well built, and great sounding!

You can plug just about anything into this amp’s input with great results. For listening to vinyl you will need a phono preamp.

If you have ever been interested in building your own high fidelity, single-ended triode tube amplifier, but felt that it was a daunting and mysterious task, then wait no longer. This class removes all the mystery and will guide you through the entire process.

Once you have built this circuit, you will be on your way to gaining the skills necessary to start designing and building your own DIY audio creations. Or just sit back and enjoy the music.

  • Fee

    Fee includes tuition, personal instruction, Stereo Hi Fi Tube Amp kit, and all of the materials and supplies necessary to complete the amplifier.

  • Shipping

    Students who wish to ship their amp at the end of the seminar can leave their amp with the school for shipping.

    The shipping fee must be payed prior leaving the school.

    The school will package the amps carefully and order your UPS delivery. The shipping fee is calculated based on destination and package dimensions.

  • Instructors

    Ian Schneller read bio

  • Location

    1240 N. Homan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois 60651   Map

  • Registration

    Register online, in person, or by phone: 773.489.483 . Cash, credit card or a personal check are accepted. Registrations are final and non-refundable. Payment credit is transferable.


Specimen 2A3 Hi Fi Stereo Tube Amp

Make a SPECIMEN HI-FI Stereo Tube Amplifier.

This workshop includes lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training.

Students will obtain a fundamental understanding of the way a vintage tube instrument amplifier functions, stage by stage, learn the craft of point-to-point wiring and to develop the skills necessary for the construction of audio electronics projects.

Students will observe the individual stages of the kit building process and then carry out the work on their own amps under the supervision of the instructor.

Students will receive their own layout diagram and schematic of the circuit along with instructive literature. A fully-wired and functioning reference model on hand during the course is an indispensable benefit to the building process.

The instructor will guide students through the construction/wiring process.

By making a tube amplifier, students will begin to develop the diagnostic skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair other amplifiers. Discover the material beauty of cloth-covered wire, heavy transformers,  chassis-mounted components and solid wood construction. There is nothing else like it!


  • 8 watts per channel
  • 1 GZ34 rectifier tube
  • 2 6SL7 preamp tubes
  • 2 EL34 power tubes (in this circuit these tubes are interchangeable with KT88s, 6550s, KT66s, KT90s, EL37s, 350Bs and other octal based output tubes with no modifications)

The frame is pre-constructed at Specimen. The top, front, and back panels are made of aluminum and have been laid out with all the perforations for this circuit. Students will learn to use chassis punches to open the hole diameters to accommodate the tube sockets and various other components. These simple methods enable any circuit designer to achieve great results without needing elaborate and expensive machinery.

Completed amplifier

  • Baltic Birch frame, unfinished
  • 16″ deep x 11″ wide x 8″ high
  • Two volume controls
  • Two RCA input jacks
  • 20 lbs.