Specimen Tweed Champ Tube Amp

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The Specimen Tweed Champ sports just 8 watts of blissful single ended tube power. Perfect for a small apartment or mic’d up on a stage, the Champ has enough volume to jam with a drummer and also deliver beautiful warm tones at low volume.

Specimen Tweed Amplifiers are made to order.  Please allow several weeks for delivery.

  • Circuit


  • Output

    ~8 watts, 1 JJ 6v6 Vacuum Tube, 1 JJ 5Y3 Vacuum Tube, 1 JJ 12AX7 Vacuum Tube

  • Speaker

    1 Mojotone American Vintage AV8C/ 4ohm 15 Watts Nominal

  • Resistors and Capacitors

    Carbon Comp. Sprague, TAD, Orange drop
    Original Style Black Fiberboard Motherboard w/ Eyelets
    Switchcraft Jacks
    Extra long AC cord
    Modern center taps on filaments for superior sonics and safety

The Champ is a small package with the simple purity of a 6V6 power tube and a surprising amount of volume. It is renowned as a fantastic recording amp.

As with all the tweed amps we build, the Champ embodies authentic 1950s construction all the way down to the fiberboard motherboard for superior structural integrity, just like the original. This amp is built to last many generations.


“I have played with the Specimen Champ amp and find it very sensitive to a light touch and really enjoy playing a dulcimer that Dwain Wilder made for me through it. I never liked the sound I got through my Mesa Boogie amp but it sounds sweet through the Specimen. I have electric guitars, a resophonic guitar with a pickup, a banjo with a JB pickup, and 2 upright dulcimers with pickups. The Specimen may be the answer to find that sound I am searching for….maybe I will try the Deluxe at some point.”