Hornlings – Hardwood ~ Bright Red 816 A/B


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Specimen Hornlings – Bright Red Bells 816 A/B

This pair of horns speakers has red bells and was the first pair completed in this series. When we listened for the first time we were all blown away with the sonics. Crispy clean sound with smooth three dimensional articulation. 

This new series of Specimen Horns are luxurious. They are made of Italian Poplar and finished in lacquer. The tight lines and pristine appearance set them apart from my more eco-friendly Horns which were featured in the Sonic Arboretum exhibitions. Years of development have led to the hand craft embodied in these new models. Natural woodgrain and bold saturated color make these a perfect choice for discriminating audiophiles and home designers alike.

-Ian Schneller

  • Dimensions

    26 3/8" tall overall
    13 3/4" horn diameter
    6" cube base
    8" minimum deep shelf

  • Driver

    Fostex FE83En 3" full-range driver

  • Impedance

    8 ohms

  • Sensitivity

    1 W/1m 88 dB

  • Frequency Response

    fs - 30kHz

Hornlings 26" Birch Bright Red 816 a/b

A full range driver is rear loaded with a horn shape to match the acoustic impedance of the air in the compression chamber with the air in the listening room. There is no crossover distortion.

Design & Construction
All Specimen Horns are entirely handmade at Specimen in Chicago, IL.

The bases are made of premium quality Baltic birch plywood. The horns are made from Italian poplar. First, the hardwood is cut into flats. The edges are then beveled to the perfect angle.  After this, the flats are bent into curves that will make up the octagonally fluted horn shape. Assembly is a tricky process that requires two people working together with dexterity and perseverance. The seams are then reinforced with micro fiber filled epoxy and hand sanded inside and out. The assembly is then registered into the flange used to mount the horn to the base, or compression chamber. A natural nitrocellulose finish is then applied to the outside of the horn and an opaque saturated color applied to the bells. This serves as a stunning contrast to the beautiful hardwood exterior.

This meticulous process requires several hundred hours per pair. The result is luxurious.

Form, function and hand work coalesce into a package of stunning beauty and performance.


Compatibility and Placement
These Specimen Hornling speakers can be paired with my hi-fi tube amplifiers for a beautiful sonic symbiosis. Or they can be paired with virtually any other system and achieve excellent results. They are also perfect for home/office theater use.

These speakers are designed to work well elevated as a typical bookshelf speaker, out in the open, or even placed on the ground to achieve a more spatially expansive installation, as in the Sonic Arboretum exhibitions.

The sound of Specimen Horn speakers has been described as “holographic” and “etherial” in that the sound seems to be coming from behind the enclosure, making it difficult to identify the sound source. This can evoke the sensation of the instrument being in the room with the listener.