Single Horn

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This is a 27-inch stand-alone horn that Specimen made for Andrew Bird. It uses Celestion’s 8-inch acoustic guitar speaker, which has a surprisingly wide range of frequency response. Andrew plays his violin through it, using multiple loops to accompany himself, and the spatial effect is stunning. Various instrumental voices seem to emanate from different locations in the room, as if you’re seated in front of an invisible chamber orchestra. Andrew uses his vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb for power.

  • Horn

    Specially impregnated cellulose fiber horn finished with enamel

  • Base

    Finger-joined clear pine base with translucent forest green finish

  • Power

    70 watts

  • Driver

    8" speaker with 8 ohm impedance

I made this custom road case for Andrew to use while touring with Ani DiFranco. The goal was to make the case as small and light as possible and still protect the horn. I settled on a bolt-in-yoke type attachment to secure the horn. I then made a skin around it to protect it. Andrew says he has been able to drag it over all sorts of terrain with complete safety.

Andrew Bird and Specimen Horn Speakers
Specimen Single Horn Speaker
Andrew Bird with his Specimen Single Horn Speaker in Time Out Chicago
Andrew Bird Show Poster featuring Specimen Single Horn Speaker
Andrew Bird and his Specimen Horn Speakers at Chicago's Riviera Theater