Silvertone Tele

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In the mid-Sixties the Silvertone guitar sold by Sears Roebuck was probably the most accessible model of electric guitar for the aspiring young musician. Economically produced and mass-marketed, these guitars found their way into homes all across America.

  • Neck

    Stock Japanese Allparts Maple neck with rosewood fretboard and Specimen nitro-cellulose finish.

  • Scale


  • Fretboard


  • Body

    Masonite and pine body finished in black nitrate with silver-sparkle, heavy-duty scrubbable-vinyl wallpaper edging on body, white masonite pickguard

  • Pickups

    One lipstick in the neck position and a single coil pickup in the bridge

  • Controls

    Volume and tone with three-way selector switch

  • Bridge

    Classic pan bridge

Specimen’s series of Silvertone-style guitars feature construction characteristics similar to that of the original Silvertones. But these guitars reach into unexplored territory, pushing beyond their origins to become instruments of anomaly for a cunning few.

This instrument is part Silvertone, part Fender Telecaster™ Custom. After cracking the DNA of the Silvertone/Danelectro  construction, this design was simply inevitable. It’s another variation on a classic design.

Other Silvertone-style Specimens include the Schnellercaster CustomSilvertone MaxwellRendition 1457 Guitar & BassAndrew Bird MaxwellBJQ Pippin, and Indian Corn Guitar.

Specimen Silvertone-style guitars are played by Jeff Tweedy, of Wilco, (guitars pictured here are displayed with other Silvertones on a wall in the Wilco loft), Alex Kapranos of Franz FerdinandAndrew Bird, Archer Prewitt, Mark Greenberg of Eleventh Dream Day, Wes Hollywood and Grey Gersten.

Specimen Custom Silvertone Style Telecaster Guitar
Specimen Custom Silvertone Style Tele Guitar
Specimen Silvertone Style Guitars at the Wilco Loft