Rendition 26 Tube-Amp


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The Rendition 26 is one of a kind.

Inspired by the original of all time, an amp few have actually seen—Leo Fender’s Model 26. It zings along perfectly, recreating the tones of the old favorite that launched an empire.

The Rendition 26 is simple—a chassis wired point-to- point in a solid walnut cabinet featuring a Jensen Alnico 8″ speaker. A design as straightforward and sincere as its influence.


  • Circuit

    Single ended Class A

  • Tubes

    6V6, 12AX7, Solid-state rectifier

  • Controls

    Volume and tone

  • Power

    8 watts, Class A

  • Speaker

    8" Vintage Jensen Alnico speaker

  • Other Features

    - Point-to-point wiring
    - Brass chassis
    - Black walnut cabinet

Specimen Rendition 26 Instrument Tube Amp
Rendition 26 Tube Amp