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The Specimen Pleb electric guitar.

Like all Specimen instruments, the Pleb electric six string guitar is completely hand made and finished in Chicago.

The luddite PLEB is my new budget model. It sports all of the features you expect from a Specimen guitar but none of the adornment or tricky business I often get into. Of course it sports the fantastic non adjustable steel reinforcement all Specimen instruments enjoy. A single P90 pickup in either neck or bridge position provides a nice robust output. A precision wraparound bridge/tailpiece gets the job done with accuracy and simplicity. A trapezoidal paddle headstock is plain and simple. I made one quartet in a two tone sunburst. I couldn’t resist making a second quartet with various opalescent metallic bodies to round out an octet for this first run.

Come join me in the parlor with a PLEB in hand.

  • Fretboard

    Gaboon ebony

  • Body

    Blinking bird's-eye maple top, hollow carved-maple body and neck

  • Pickup

    Single-polepiece Specimen pickup

  • Pickups

    Custom pickups by The Creamery

  • Headstock

    Gaboon ebony

  • Tailpiece

    Billet-carved bell-brass

  • Other

    Miniature amphenol screw-type button with connector output terminal.

    Blue and white twill-covered hardwood case with black velvet lining

Pleb Gold Ice B BACK
Pleb Guitar Two Tone Burst 679 Front