Radiotron 6C6 driven Single Ended 2A3 Stereo Amp

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Production of this amp takes 8-11 weeks.


This amp’s name may be long for such a simple thing, but it’s correct and the ideal way to describe one of the best sounding amps I have made to date.

Luckily, and by some stretch of fate, these 6C6 tubes are still out there and someone in another land is making six pin tube sockets and caps for the tubes.  Fringe industry at best, and a treat for our ears, however unlikely.  This circuit is damn near nirvana, but only possible because of the infrastructure, hardware and simplicity.

1940, meet today.

This circuit is derived from an example given in the 1940 Radiotron Third Edition Designers Guide.

Many thanks to Joseph Esmilla for unearthing and displaying this circuit on his fine web site. Imagine languishing for seventy years before being given a second thought.

Color Finishes
The Specimen Pentode Driven Single-ended 2A3 Stereo Tube Amplifier is made using the same Baltic Birch plywood as our horn speakers and can be finished to match perfectly. Presently we offer the following colors:

– Natural
– Dark Walnut
– Dark Green
– Dark Red
– Dark Orange
– Piano White*
– Piano Black*

*Opaque finishes are an additional $300 (e.g., black, white, or other custom opaque color)

  • Circuit

    Radiotron 6C6 driven Single Ended 2A3 Stereo Amp

  • Tubes

    Two 6C6 pre-amp tubes, Two 2A3 power tubes, 5R4 Rectifier

  • Power

    3-1/2 watts per channel

  • Inputs

    Two RCA line-level

  • Dimensions

    16" deep x 11" wide x 8" high

  • Weight

    22 lbs.