Moule Bird

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One of the glandularly-themed Specimens, the Moule Bird was inspired by careful consideration of some of life’s rudest musculatures. Those musings are manifested here in a fretless single-string electric instrument. Bowed or plucked, this instrument fits into your hand like a bird.

  • Pickup

    Single-polepiece Specimen pickup

  • Tailpiece

    Billet-carved bell-brass

  • Fretboard

    Gaboon ebony

  • Headstock

    Gaboon ebony

  • Body

    Blinking bird's-eye maple top, hollow carved-maple body and neck

  • Other Features

    Miniature amphenol screw-type button with connector output terminal, blue and white twill-covered hardwood case with black velvet lining

Specimen Custom one-string electric instrument
Specimen Custom one-string electric instrument