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In the mode of the Danelectro Silvertone structure- this guitar is chambered, it’s lightweight, this cat was out of the bag in the late 1950’s. It’s a cross polinization between a telecaster and a Danelectro, it just lacks the sparkle finish and the wallpaper edging. The electronics use a magic 4 way switch that allows for tonal diversity ranging from Tele bridge to Les Paul neck humbucker. The switch positions are: Bridge, Bridge neck Humbucking parallel, neck only, and then the magical 4th position is Bridge+Neck in series humbucking sounding like a big unctuous Les Paul.

The neck pickup is a special Alnico p90 that Fralin made specially.  It has the pole pieces sticking up 1/4 inch above the top surface of the bobbin so they protrude through the 1/8” thick masonite pick guard and an additional 1/8” so they are the proper distance from the strings.  The combination of the Alnico p90 in the neck and the and the 5% overwound vintage hot Fralin bridge pickup is sublime.

It was simply made to be a shop guitar- a control group tester to do amp service work but quickly wound up becoming the favorite guitar in the room, and it’s been floating around Specimen for the last 18 years, even traveling from the old location. It’s great because it’s completely plebeian. No frills. I would be happy to make you one.

  • Neck

    Stock Maple Japanese All Parts neck

  • Scale length


  • Body

    Pine 2x4 and Masonite

  • Pickups

    Custom Alnico Fralin P90 neck, 5% overwound vintage hot Fralin Bridge

  • Controls

    Volume, tone 4 way switch with 1)bridge 2)bridge neck/humbucking paralell 3)neck 4)neck bridge series humbucking

  • Tuners

    Gotoh vintage Kluson style

  • Bridge

    Vintage tele bridge