Aluminum Hybrid Pippin

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An aluminum front and back are screwed directly into a deep neck/frame assembly made from maple wood. This is a jazz box with a bit more bite. The first two images are of this instrument when it was first made circa 1989. The other images were taken in 2018. This Pippin has seen some adversity. It was in a fire which supposedly consumed everything but this instrument. It was brought back to me for restoration about twenty years ago. It was at that point the humbuckers were added. At some point it had a midi/synth pickup near the bridge as well.

  • Neck


  • Scale length


  • Fretboard


  • Body

    Engine-turned Aluminum top and back -- just like the nose cowling on Charles Lindbergh's monoplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, maple sides

  • Pickups

    Originally, custom Specimen hand-wound single-coil pickup with machined aluminum cover. Later, two humbuckers were added after fire damage

  • Controls

    Single volume control

  • Bridge

    Tune-o-matic-style bridge

  • Tailpiece

    Sculpted aluminum tailpiece

Specimen Hybrid Aluminum Guitar
Specimen Custom Hybrid Aluminum Guitar