Guitar Technician Program


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The Guitar Tech Program offers a series of courses teaching fundamental luthiery principles and knowledge base, introducing the essential repair and service techniques, shop skills, and luthiery tools necessary for the guitar service professional.

Each course offers the opportunity to learn directly from an experienced luthier in a professional guitar service shop.

This program bundles and arranges the classes sequentially so that the student can progress through a logical series of curriculums.


  • Workshop Safety

    While we make every effort to keep the CSGM workshop clean it can be dusty and at times noisy. We recommend hearing, respiratory, and eye protection be used when working in the shop. We have this safety equipment available for use or purchase when in class and it is the students responsibility to exercise diligent use of these safety measures.

  • Course Fee

    Fee includes instruction, handbooks, and the use of a dedicated luthiery workbench, tools and shop supplies necessary for the course work.

  • Materials Purchases

    Materials, parts and instrument purchases for course work are the responsibility of the student, and not included in the fee.

  • Instructors

    Ian Schneller read bio

  • Location

    1240 N. Homan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois 60651   Map

  • Registration

    Register online, in person, or by phone: 773.489.483 . Cash, credit card or a personal check are accepted. Registrations are final and non-refundable. Payment credit is transferable.


Each series offers the same classes and course work, with between 40 – 48 hours of class time. The courses include:

Guitar Setup & Maintenance 

Guitar Electronics Repair & Upgrades

Guitar Repair and Restoration


Bone Nut & Saddle Making

These classes offer lecture and demonstrations, and varying amount of hands-on bench time for the course project.

The longer workshops offer more time at the bench, giving students a greater opportunity to develop skill and expertise while working on their own instruments.

Lectures explain the fundamental mechanical operation of the guitar and all other stringed instruments.

Demonstrations will address different playing styles, and the pros and cons of various products and hardware.

The hands-on portion of the workshop offers students the opportunity to exercise their knowledge from the lessons learned.

Students will have access to the use of an individual workbench outfitted with specialized tools during class for course work. All of the shop supplies necessary to complete each class project are also included in the fee.

Class sessions are scheduled with time in between between to allow the student time to practice techniques and develop skill. During this interim time, the student is encouraged to communicate with the instructor whether they choose to practice on their own at home, or to purchase time in the workshop at the school with guidance from the instructor in OPEN WORKSHOPS.

Students are required to bring one or more instruments to repair to each class, for hands on course work and training. Acquiring instruments for course work is the responsibility of the student and not included in the fee. Any materials, components or hardware the student chooses to use for course work are not included in the fee. The instructor will be available to advise the student on items to purchase either on one’s own or through the school.




SERIES 1  January – May        Once A Month       Tue- Thu + Fri*   — 7 pm-9:30   


Guitar Set-up Course Jan 7, 8, 9

Guitar Electronics CourseFeb 18, 19, 20

Fretting Course17, 18, 19

Guitar Repair & Restoration  Course April 14, 15, 16

Bone Nut & Saddle Making Course* May 5, 6, 7, 8*


SERIES 2                  January – May      Once A Month         Saturday/Sat – Sun*  — 11 am-5  


Guitar Set-up Course Jan 18

Guitar Electronics CourseFeb 15

Guitar Repair & Restoration  Course Mar 21-22*

Fretting CourseApril 18-19*

Bone Nut & Saddle Making Course May 30-31*


SERIES 3                 Jan 28 – Feb 27      Three Weeks    Tue, Wed, Thu  — 11 am-5   


Guitar Set-up Course Jan 28

Guitar Electronics CourseJan 29

Fretting CourseJan 30

Guitar Repair & Restoration  Course Feb 11, 12, 13

Bone Nut & Saddle Making Course Feb 26, 27


SERIES 4    March 10 – April 2      Three Weeks   Tue, Wed, Thu  — 11 am-5   


Guitar Set-up Course March 10

Guitar Electronics CourseMarch 11

Fretting CourseMarch 12

Guitar Repair & Restoration  Course March 24, 25, 26

Bone Nut & Saddle Making Course April 1, 2