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Guitar Technician Program


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Our Guitar Tech Program offers a special series of classes teaching fundamental luthiery principles, repair techniques, shop skills, and the knowledge base necessary for the guitar service professional. Perfect for those who wish to prepare for entry into the guitar service and repair industry.

This program bundles and arranges classes sequentially so that the student can progress through a logical series of curriculums.

Courses include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on course work taught by an experienced luthier in a professional guitar service shop. Students will apply knowledge learned while practicing  techniques under the supervision of the instructor in class.

Students who have completed this program may qualify for an apprenticeship at Specimen Guitar Shop through the school. Apprenticeship offers those with proven skills an opportunity to develop expertise and gain experience at Specimen. Apprenticeship positions are limited and unpaid.

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  • Materials

    Students are required to bring one or more instruments to each class for hands-on course work and training. Their instruments will become examples in their portfolio, giving proof of their practice.

    *Acquiring instruments for course work is the responsibility of the student and is not included in the fee.

    Materials, components or hardware the student chooses to use for their class project are not included in the fee.

    The instructor will be available to advise the student on items to purchase either on one’s own or through the school.

  • Fee

    Course fee includes instruction, reference guides, and the use of a workbench and all shop supplies.

  • Schedule

    If a student has a scheduling conflict with any of the five guitar repair classes it is generally not a problem to make these up. Please notify us and we’ll work it out. The Guitar Tech Workshop Course activities and key benefits would be impossible for us to duplicate outside the series setting. If a student must miss this course, written notice must be given so that we can include them in the next Guitar Tech Workshop date that they can attend.

  • Classes

    Course is taught in a professional guitar service shop equipped with individual workbenches stocked with specialized tools necessary for the course work.

    Enrollment is limited to 6 students.

  • Workshop Safety

    While we make every effort to keep the CSGM workshop clean it can be dusty and at times noisy. We recommend hearing, respiratory, and eye protection be used when working in the shop. We have this safety equipment available for use or purchase when in class and it is the students responsibility to exercise diligent use of these safety measures.

Program Courses and Schedule

The Program includes five Guitar Repair Courses plus the Guitar Technician Workshop.

CSGM Guitar Repair Courses

The student will learn and develop skills through hands-on work on one or more of their own string instruments which will become examples in their portfolio, giving proof of their practice. Students are required to bring one or more instruments to each class for hands-on course work and training.

Five CSGM guitar repair courses included in this program are listed here below. Please click a course title to see the full course description.

Guitar Set-Up & Maintenance Course

Guitar Electronics Course

Fretting Course

Bone Nut and Saddle Making Course

Guitar Repair and Restoration Course

Guitar Technician Workshop – Professional Development Course

This course offers the student information and guidance pertinent to the luthiery profession and guitar technician career development with the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of instruments and repair problems encountered in the workshop and on the stage. Students will present their own guitar repair course problem to the class.  This course offers lectures, discussion, Q & A, and practical application demonstrations in five sections:

  • Career  — Professional practices, careers, and further training.
  • Tooling  — Essential tools, their variety, qualities and maintenance.
  • Special Problems — In the repair shop, on stage and on the road.
  • Bench Work  — Demonstrations of repair problems currently at Specimen Guitar Shop.
  • Student ProjectsStudents present their Guitar Repair Course* projects.

Our Guitar Tech Workshop is exclusive to the Guitar Technician Program, and is not open to registration as a stand alone course. Class size is limited to 6 students.


Letter of Completion 

While there are a number of Luthiery associations, organizations, schools, and clubs in the United States, there is no governing body that regulates luthiery schools or certifies a luthier with a guarantee of competence and professionalism.

The reputation for quality work and the associations that you build over the course of your career will precede you. 

The school certifies a student’s attendance and course hours with a letter of completion. Our letter of completion identifies the student and lists the dates of all of the courses attended with the number of hours completed. At your request, we will email your completion letter or send a copy of it via the U.S postal service to the address you provide us.


Fall and Spring Schedule
Summer Camp Schedule



I wanted to share some thoughts concerning the Guitar Tech Program I just completed. First off, outstanding job concerning everything…what a great program! As I mentioned to you, the first week was worth the price of admission for the whole program. The following three weeks just completely blew my mind and were an added bonus. I’m very glad I made the investment and spent the time with you and everyone else there. The time will always stay with me. Your teaching style is awesome. I enjoyed your authenticity and passion, it made the whole course real on so many levels. I appreciated the informal approach of the class structure, it allowed for applied hands-on learning to take place. The environment was awesome as well, what a dream space you have to be creative in. Thanks again for everything,
– Ken Jackson