Electric Guitar Making July Summer Camp


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For July 2019 we are offering three bundled and sequential classes arranged so that the student can progress through a logical series of curriculums and get an original electric guitar project underway in just a few weeks.

The one and two week Electric Guitar Summer Camps offer 30 and 60 hours, respectively, of essential luthiery courses and hands on workshops to give the student a quickstart on their guitar making project:

Guitar Set-up & Maintenance

Guitar Design + Blueprint

Guitar Making Workshops

The three week Electric Guitar Summer Camp offers 60 hours of essential courses and workshops, plus 18 hours of additional courses that completes a fundamental knowledge base for the luthier. Additional courses include:


Bone Nut Making

No drawing, design or previous shop experience is necessary.

This course teaches how to design and make an electric guitar from raw materials and stock or custom hardware. This is not a kit course.

Seize this rare opportunity to make a successful first lap into a lifetime of Luthiery.

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  • Course Fee

    Fee includes instruction, course handbooks, shop training and the use of a dedicated luthiery workbench and all tooling necessary to complete this project.

  • Materials Purchases

    Materials purchases are the responsibility of the student. The necessary materials costs range from $250. Many of the materials for this course are available through the school. Upon registration, a phone conversation with the student will be necessary to determine materials so they can be acquired in time for the course.

  • Instructors

    Ian Schneller read bio

  • Location

    1240 N. Homan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois 60651   Map

  • Registration

    Register online, in person, or by phone: 773.489.483 . Cash, credit card or a personal check are accepted. Registrations are final and non-refundable. Payment credit is transferable.