Aluminum Maccaferri 2020

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An aluminum bodied electric Maccaferri the size of a Telecaster. A magnetic pickup and a piezo transducer in the floating bridge make for a versatile tonal palette. A stereo output keeps it all tidy and enables the use of dedicated separate amps if desired.

This aluminum body guitar represents a nod from Specimen to another point in history – musician Django Reinhardt, instrument maker Mario Maccaferri. Inspired by the Selmer Maccaferri guitars Django made famous, the silhouette of Specimen’s Maccaferri recalls those great guitars, but is scaled down to Tele size.

I have always been critical of transducer units, but I believe that the technology has finally matured. And, coupled with the sustain of aluminum, the sound of this instrument is truly stunning. It’s like listening to a guitar through a microscope. A tiny drop of water teaming with life.