Specimen Audio – Making A Horn Amp Combo

This new combo amp is for amplifying stringed instruments. This model will use the splendid Eminence 8-inch guitar speaker rear-loaded with a vertical horn.  The cabinet follows the construction details of both the Specimen Tube Amps and Horn Speaker bases. It also uses the engine turned sub-plates for convection cooling found on Specimen’s Octoblock and the slotted side panels that were first used on Specimen’s Fifty-watt Tube Amp.

You could say it’s a clever combination of several Specimen innovations all rolled into one beautiful package. This project stemmed from a request to revisit the original Horn Amp Combo I made about fifteen years ago. The obvious follow up to this project will be a symmetrical pair of hi-fi mono blocks with a 6 1/2″ Fostex speaker.

All that’s left to do now is apply the finish to the amp and horn, wire up the amp and machine the back panel. —August 2013

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