Student Feedback

Below are comments about the school provided by our students:


Feedback about the instructors and the classes:

“Ian has so much knowledge of the details of what makes a guitar tick. I really enjoyed the lecture part of the class.”

“Ian was never talking down to us. He’s got a great explaining style…”

“Listening to Ian expound on his opinions regarding amp theory, technical tips, and all the “war” stories from his many years in the business. I am not someone who particularly enjoys “classroom” situations or settings, so when I say that I consider Ian to be a gifted teacher, it is something that I have said about very few people.”

“I think Ian and Jim each bring valuable – but different – skills to the teaching process. A good combo that provided a full learning experience.”

“Ian knows his stuff, and he was very open to questions and requests for help. I learned a lot of fine points that will be useful in the future.”

“The way Ian, Jim and Kyle were able to manage to provide the big picture concepts while focusing in on each student’s areas of concern. Really mature approach and curriculum.”

“I thought it was impossible for me to build an amp, but with some of the great help I got – I created a beautiful amp to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you for everything, you have an awesome shop!”

“The shop is built for creativity and building great musical equipment. The staff is awesome and it was a great weekend to spend there. I will be going back for more education in the future.”

“Walking out with an amp that actually worked! Seriously the whole thing was a blast; I absolutely loved it.”

“I enjoyed the camaraderie of all the participants, the patience and helpfulness of Ian and Jim, the feeling that no question was a stupid one, the lunches, and the gentle introduction into a realm with which I was not at all familiar.”

“Ian is a wealth of information and a renegade within the guitar world.”

“Learning how to adjust the neck and string height will save me from foolishly wasting money at guitar shops.”

Feedback about the school facility:

“The shop is great has everything you need and plenty of space to work.”

“Excellent facility, good program, great course facilitator.”

“Working in a beautiful, professional amp shop with professional support, and in an atmosphere that, in and of itself, broadened my understanding of guitar amplifiers.”

“Ian’s shop is, no exaggeration, my dream come true. The ample light and space, the amazingly crafted work stations, the good tunes . . . I am very, very jealous.”

“The shop has everything needed to construct an amp. There was ample space and resources. It is a great site.”

“The shop set up was excellent. I was particularly impressed with the workbenches and layout. Very well appointed and ergonomic.”

“The benches were well stocked and comfortable to work at.”

“Really well organized and well appointed. An inspiring location.”

“An excellent workspace, great light and room for all of the students.”