Specimen offers an Internship and Apprenticeship program for students who would like to work toward attending CSGM classes at no cost.

Interns gain skills that remain useful for a lifetime. An internship at Specimen teaches many sculptural fundamentals.

I insist on making things without compromise out of the highest quality materials. 

Most Interns work several days a week. I am relatively flexible regarding scheduling, but I do like to establish a cyclical work agenda. Interns log their time toward a threshold of three hundred twenty hours, after which you will become an Apprentice. At this point you are encouraged to audit my classes at CSGM at no cost. I will personally monitor your expanding skill set and move the focus of our work into your areas of expertise, often in the realm of musical instrument making and design,  fabrication, or electronic work.

Apprentices are expected to maintain their regiment of shop duties while continuing their studies. Once they have taken the Design and Blueprint class, apprentices are also encouraged to embark on their own instrument builds in the Specimen/CSGM workshops. Occasionally apprentices become paid contractors for Specimen or faculty at CSGM.

This symbiotic relationship has been very productive for both students and the school. I encourage prospective Interns to take a version of the Setup and Maintenance class, Tube Amp Building, or any of the other classes to get acquainted with my approach and the facility.


Please email [email protected] to inquire.