Amp Making – 5E3 Deluxe Line Out and Dummy Load Modification

Exploit all the glorious tone of your 5E3 Deluxe without blowing out your eardrums! In short: If you want to blast your amp at full volume into a recording device without ruining your output transformer, or angering your neighbors, then this is the mod for you!

This simple modification for the stock 5E3 Deluxe amplifier replaces the original 2 output jack circuit (1/4 SPK and 1/4 EXT SPK) with another that adds a 1/4″ Line Level Out and an 8Ω dummy load.

The Line Out mod allows you to use the amplifier as a pre-amp for another amplifier, or to run a line level out to safely send the amplified signal directly into a recording device without damaging it.

The addition of the default 8Ω dummy load shunted from the SPK output jack allows the amp to run safely if/when the speaker is unplugged, vs under loading the output transformer and frying it.