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This seminar will teach the fundamental construction skills necessary to assemble and properly wire a Fender-style tweed tube amp. Utilizing amp kits, students build their own amp all under the helpful eye of the instructor.


This workshop will be divided into part lecture, part demonstration, and part hands-on training. Over the duration of three days, students will observe stages of the kit building process and then carry out the work on their own amps under the supervision of the instructor. While this is not a design class per se, students will obtain a foundation level understanding of the way a vintage tube instrument amplifier functions, stage by stage. Students will also learn the craft of point-to-point wiring and how to modify a circuit to shape its tone by changing component values. Moreover, by building an amplifier, students will begin to develop the diagnostic skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair other amplifiers.

This is an ideal seminar for those working as a guitar technician, roadie, music store employee, touring musician or for anyone interested in working on instruments. Useful handouts will be provided and a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all students who complete the course. Enrollment is limited to 8 students.

Students have the choice of building one of the following amps:

  • Tweed Champ (10-watt)
  • Tweed Deluxe (15-watt)
  • Tweed Bassman (50-watt)

For first time builders, we strongly recommend the Tweed Deluxe kit. It is the perfect level of involvement for the three day seminar. If you are a first time builder and have your heart set on one of the higher-powered models, simply bear in mind that some additional hours may need to be logged to complete the build.

The kits are supplied by Mojo Music. The parts included are excellent quality and the cabinets are pre-assembled and beautifully covered in authentic tweed fabric (or authentic Tolex for Marshall) . Every aspect of the kits is as faithful as possible to the original design. Each kit comes with its own schematic and layout diagram (there are no assembly instructions included).The legendary circuits used in this seminar are the same ones that have made true “Tweed” era amplifiers so revered among musicians. These amps are bullet-proof workhorses that are easily serviced, modified, and maintained. Through this workshop, students will discover the beauty of cloth-covered wire, heavy transformers, chassis-mounted components, and finger-joined pine carcasses.Click here to visit Mojo’s web site and read more about the kits and their contents. Our kit prices include shipping to the school and the kits Mojo makes for our school include upgrades to certain better quality components and more sensible features. Also the school pre-drills all the chassis and motherboards to prepare them for the seminar.

NOTE: We are combining this seminar with our Hi-Fi Stereo Tube Amp Building Seminar. By combining these seminars, students have the opportunity to learn/observe both traditional point-to-point construction and the classic Fender/Marshall motherboard construction. All the tenets of lead dress (wiring) remain the same regardless of what method is used.

Workshop Materials and Supplies

The school will provide each student with their own individual workstation and all necessary tools. Students can select which amp kit they will be building. The workshop fees listed include the class fee and the amp kit fee. Payments for both the class and the amp kit will be made to Specimen at the time of registration and all amp kits will be shipped directly to our shop.

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September 28, 2013
8:01 pm

Kyle Hardin


I am interested in attending a session of this seminar to learn how to build a tube guitar amplifier. I have a Masters degree in electrical engineering but very little experience in actual technical work in assembling electronics. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience with information about the schedule for the seminars and any more details about the seminar that are not listed on this website.


September 30, 2013
12:38 pm



Thanks for your inquiry. We have had many students with very little to no experience with electronics take our seminars and do just fine. Ian and his assistants provide help whenever needed. We do recommend the Deluxe kit for those new to electronics. It is a great amp, powerful enough to keep up with a band, but small enough to work well at home. It’s also a perfect size to build for the weekend. The larger kits (50-watt, 100-watt, etc) have many. many more parts and require more work. We have a seminar open this weekend (Oct 4 – 6) and there is still room in it for another Deluxe build. If you’re interested, please email us at We’d be glad to give you 15% off tuition if you jump into this class. Thanks!

February 21, 2014
7:40 pm

Tom Ruane


Hello I see that you offered a 15% discount to get NADINE to take a class on amp building. Comments Page. Would I also get a 15% discount if I signed up for an amp building class? Perhaps April 2014 Thanks Tom

February 27, 2014
10:53 am



Hi Tom-

for any inquires about classes please e-mail us at


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