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The Specimen Horn ~ 144 Audio Horn Speaker

These horns are our flagship model for high fidelity playback. Both their sonic and physical stature exceed all but the mighty XL horns which are more suited to front of house or stadium applications. The 6.5" Fostex FE-168EZ driver is beautifully sensitive, making it very well suited for use with our lower wattage 2A3 tube amplifier. It can easily drive this fantastic driver to ample volumes for a pristine listening experience. They may also be paired with higher watt amplifiers with great results. The commanding visual presence of the Specimen Horns makes them a welcome addition to any decor. They may look timeless but they sound new. Very new.


- 50" tall overall
- 20" horn diameter
- 11" cube base
- 14" minimum shelf depth

- Driver: Fostex FE-168EZ 6.5" full range driver
- Impedance: 8 ohms
- Sensitivity: 1 W/1m 94.5 dB
- Frequency Response: 51Hz - 21kHz
- Power handling: 80 watts max

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Specimen Audio Horn Speaker Specimen Audio Horn Speaker


SPECIMEN 144 Audio Horn with Hornlet, Hornling, Satellite Subwoofer, Little Horn Mini

Specimen 144 Audio Horn (center) with (left) Hornlet and Hornling, (right) Satellite Subwoofer and Little Horn Mini