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The Sopranocaster grew out of a desire to have a simple shop testing guitar. Ian Schneller and Jim Elkington were joking about the benefits of having a guitar that you could put in the overhead bin on an airplane, and also having one that was short scale.  Like a capo at the 12th fret, so you could cut the rest of the neck off and sit in a minivan on tour and play it next to your band mates without poking them in the ribs. It just seemed like a good idea, so Ian made a Tele with a short neck using a mandolin scale of 13 7/8”.

It’s essentially the same as having a capo at the 12th fret, but what this actual length does is enable you to do quick chicken bends of a 5th or more effortlessly, because the string is not very stretchy so it sharps in pitch super fast.

Essentially what you have is an octave up guitar with super bending abilities, or a 6 string mandolin if you want to tune it in 5ths. It’s pretty versatile and it makes people do a double take when they see it. Everything about it is wrong, and consequently right.


Neck: Flame maple with rosewood fretboard

Scale length: 13 7/8"

Truss Rod: Non-adjustable steel bar

Body: basswood with opaque red nitrocellulose finish

Pickups: Lindy Fralin vintage hot pickups

Controls: Volume, tone  4 way switch with 1)bridge 2)bridge neck/humbucking paralell 3)neck 4)neck bridge series humbucking

Tuners: Gotoh vintage Kluson style

Bridge: Vintage tele bridge with ashtray cover

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