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Tube Amp Repairs

Specimen specializes in tube amplifier repair. With our vast supply of new and vintage parts, we can meet the most esoteric of requests.

We work with professional players, touring bands, local clubs as well as the player who is just starting out. To date, we have repaired thousands of guitars, tube amps, and other stringed instruments. We also sell many of the most common tubes and amp parts or, in some cases, can special order items for our customers.

Ian Schneller, owner of Specimen and principle amp repair tech, has been manufacturing his own line of custom tube amps for more than 20 years. He has extensive knowledge of tube amps, with a particular affinity for early Fenders, Ampegs, and Magnatones. Ian also teaches the Tube Amp Building Workshop at the Chicago School of Guitar Making.

Visit our Repair Journal to see images and learn more about some of the interesting repair work that has come through the shop.

Tube amplifier repair services include:

Clean and Check Over
Amp Overhauls
Tube Installation
Reverb Repair

Some of the BRANDS we service:

Top Hat
Dr. Z

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Specimen is a full-service repair shop. We specialize in the repair of all stringed instruments and tube amps.

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