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Guitar Repairs

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Since 1986 shop owner Ian Schneller and his staff of guitar technicians have been repairing instruments and amplifiers – anything with strings or tubes! This includes guitars, basses, mandolins, violins, banjos, cellos, upright basses and more.

Specimen is known for our quick turnaround – 1 week or less for setups and basic repairs – and we can do a rush service, a 24-hour turnaround, when timing is critical. Our prices are fair, our work ethic strong, and our love for instruments and music infuses everything we do.

You can call us or complete the “Get A Quote” form on this page and we would be happy to provide a FREE estimate as soon as possible.

Musicians from Chicagoland and around the world bring their gear to Specimen where our 20+ years of experience set us apart from other local shops.

Our full-service guitar and amp repair shop is stocked with replacement parts, brand name pickups and an enormous supply of esoteric used and vintage parts. In the shop, you can also see Ian and his staff working on their own custom guitars, tube amps and horn speakers. We usually have several Specimens on hand for customers to check out.

Repair Services:

  • Setups
  • Fret Work
  • Fret Dressing
  • Electronics Rewiring
  • Electronics Installation
  • Pickup Installation
  • Refinishing
  • Restoration
  • Transducer Pickup Installation
  • Headstock Break Repairs
  • Crack Repairs
  • Neck Resets
  • Nut and Saddle Replacement
  • Structural Repair
  • Restringing

Visit our Repair Journal to see images and learn more about some of the interesting repair work that has come through the shop.

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Specimen is a full-service repair shop. We specialize in the repair of all stringed instruments and tube amps.

If you would like a quote for repair work, please complete the form below.

You are also welcome to call us and discuss the repair and any questions you may have at 773.489.4830.


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