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The Luddite Bass is an obvious next step for this growing family of Specimens. It enjoys all of the same attributes as our other Luddites: non adjustable steel truss rod; slotted headstock; 12th fret body join; no cutaway; simple control circuitry. It has a 32″ scale length and Gibson EB-style bass pickups with an additive Jazz bass-style circuit with no tone control.

Lately I have gotten away from plastic binding and begun to use wood. Believe it or not it is actually easier and less stressful to steam bend the wood and glue it to the body than it is to race the solvent-based cement as it melts the plastic binding. Aesthetically it is beautiful as well.

Click on our slideshow below for some ‘under construction’ photos taken of this newest Specimen. By the way, I am looking for a band to equip with all Luddite instruments. I think it would make an excellent stage presence.

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April 30, 2013
12:03 pm

Looks like you have another beautiful instrument on your hands. A buddy of mine commissioned the first Warm & Rich bass, and has been kind enough to let me borrow it. It’s made it into my regular rotation on basses and has played many a gig here in California. While my band, The Heavy Guilt, spends most of it’s time touring up and down the West coast, we WILL be performing at the Rougue Barrister Music Festival on 6/21/13, just west of Chicago. Two members, including myself, are former Chicagoans and we’d love to get our hands on more Specimen Products. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in having us show off some instruments on the left coast.

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