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Line Pre-Amp

The Specimen Line Pre-amp provides a rock solid foundation for a larger sound system.   This preamp unit uses a famous old twin triode, known under different hats as the 5998, 6AS7, 421A, 2399.  Two 6L6s are used as a constant current source load. The circuit allows four different line inputs to be conveniently switched in front of any of our power amps.

It provides a voltage gain of 1.92 to 3.96 depending on which tube you use, to provide a more solid foundation and a bit more volume from the power amps. A 19" deep shelf or table surface is ideal to combine Specimen Products whole line of audio components.


Circuit: Single-ended triode driven constant current source stereo line pre-amp
Tubes: 5U4, two 6L6Gs, 6AS7 (or 5998, 421A, 2399)
Inputs: 4 RCA inputs
Dimensions: 16" deep x 11" wide x 8" high
Weight: 20 lbs.

Custom finishes to suit any decor are available as a special order.

Color Finish:
50% deposit required at the time of purchase (view full policy)
8 - 11 weeks
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Specimen Custom Line Pre-Amp

Specimen Custom Line Pre-Amp Specimen Custom Line Pre-Amp

Specimen Custom Line Pre-Amp

Specimen Custom Line Pre-Amplifier - Red finish Specimen Custom Sound System