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Indian Corn Guitar

This guitar was commissioned in the spirit of Eric Clapton's "The Fool" psychedelic guitar, which he played back in his Cream days.

I didn't want to literally copy that motif and my client encouraged me to create my own interpretation. So what we have here is more of a Native American psychedelia as opposed to that London scene from the 60s. I like to think of this as Americana camouflage useful for keeping a low profile in farm country.

This guitar is constructed the same as my Silvertone-style guitars.

Other Silvertone-style Specimens include the Schnellercaster Custom, Silvertone Tele, Silvertone Maxwell, Rendition 1457 Guitar & Bass, Andrew Bird Maxwell, and BJQ Pippin


Neck: Maple
Scale: 25-1/2"
Fretboard: Rosewood
Body: Masonite and pine body finished in Indian corn motif with nitrocellulose lacquer, heavy-duty vinyl wallpaper edging on body, white masonite pickguard
Pickups: DiMarzio PAF humbucker in neck position, Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot pickup in bridge position
Controls: Volume, tone, three-way pickup selector switch
Bridge: Pan-style Tele bridge

Specimen Silvertone TeleSpecimen Silvertone Tele