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June 2011

Enjoy the Music

Little Horn Speaker and Satellite Subwoofer review

Enjoy the Music reviews Specimen's Little Horn Speakers and Satellite SubwooferSpecimen Satellite And Subwoofer System
Little horns make big sound.
Review By A. Colin Flood

Specimen Satellite And Subwoofer System You will either love or hate the colorful look and sound of this unique 3-piece system. Specimen’s system provides the finger-licking goodness and looks of horn loudspeakers without the high-ticket price. The octagonal flutes look like tubas spouting music, or gawky cowls venting ships. They are throwbacks replicas of the antediluvian beginnings of music reproduction. Yet there is much to recommend the technology and the sound behind this intelligent design:

Bold looks
Smoothness of single driver speakers
Effortlessness of high efficiency horns
Punchy bass of powered woofer

Specimen Products is a Chicago based maker of guitar and audio tube amps. The name stems from sculptures that founder Ian Schneller (“Shh-nell-er”) made while an undergraduate at the Memphis Academy of Art.

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