After the initial process of establishing a shape, the next logical step was to enlarge it by 400%! This resulted in a rather unwieldy construction going together but once the last seam was closed, the final shape was amazingly rigid. We added reinforcement layers and a quick finish for Andrew Bird’s Millennium Park Labor Day show in 2008.

This was a test run for Andrew to see how a horn this large would work on a large stage. The results were amazing. I was in the audience about 200 feet back from the stage and the sound projection was stunning. After the show Andrew ordered a pair and I had a mold made of the prototype. The original prototype was shredded to bits coming out of the mold, but the mold lives on an we are able to produce these magnificent horns for special applications. You can see images of finished horn speakers here.

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January 20, 2012
8:55 am

Jason Janusch


Amazing work, everything so elegant, beautiful sculptures, and taste. Can I come work for you?
I’ve been playing a long time, collecting, reading everything I can on vintage amps and guitars.
This is what I love the best. I should be doing something with it as my living. I need a mentor.
I’m in Detroit. I have all these old tube amps I pulled out of the projector room of an abandoned porno theater downtown before they tore it down. I’ve always wanted to get them working, they look like tweed twin power amps. Have an old rauland pa that needs a tune up. I have so much interest, but need a teacher. I’m good with applying finishes, fixing guitars. I used to build models when i was a kid. I’ve been a painter and carpenter for years but my body can’t take it much longer, and it’s not what i love. I would like to come see your shop some time and meet you. Very inspiring.
Jason Janusch

January 23, 2012
6:22 pm



Hello Jason,
Thanks for your post. Please feel free to come visit the shop anytime. We have an internship/apprenticeship program that may interest you depending on your situation. If you’d like to know more, email us. Until then, keep on reading and experimenting. Thanks!

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