Finishing Techniques

This workshop will teach students how to apply and repair various finishes including Nitrocellulose Lacquer and French Polish (shellac). Students learn both wipe-on and spraying techniques. Skills learned in this guitar finishing class will transfer easily to all areas of woodworking, including instrument finishing, wood sculpture, furniture building and antique restoration.


The French Polish technique has been used for centuries to finish some of the oldest examples of string instruments that are still around today with results that have stood the test of time. Its use of shellac, a byproduct of the lac beetle, makes it an ideal finish for home projects and anywhere that lacks the space for spray finishes. When done right, French Polish will stand up to, and surpass, most other finishes.

Nitrocellulose lacquer is the classic finish for guitars – especially electrics. Most guitar makers don’t use nitro anymore despite its superior quality as a guitar finish. This is because it is more difficult to apply and requires properly maintained equipment and space to work with.

In this workshop students will learn:

  • Wood selection for aesthetics and structural integrity
  • How to operate an industrial spray booth and gun
  • Proper French Polish technique from start to finish
  • Finish removal
  • Staining and color mixing
  • Sunbursting
  • Finish repair and touch-ups (drop filling, super glue repairs, etc.)

Materials & Supplies

Each student will be given several pieces of various hardwoods to practice on. Students are encouraged to book extra time in an open workshop to work on their own instruments and refine their skills in a controlled environment.

NOTE: A high quality organic vapor cartridge respirator with P-95 particle filter is required for this course. Students may bring their own respirator or purchase a new one from the school. Respirator cost is $40.

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Weeknights: 7 pm – 9:30 pm

Weekends: 12 – 4 pm, Saturdays and Sundays


$395, Weeknights

$585, Weekends

*An early registration discount may apply

Tuition includes class fee and materials: wood blanks, paints and stains, sand paper, brushes, nitro-cellulose lacquer. The weekend course fee includes catered lunches and refreshments each day.


Richard Phillis Richard is a guitar builder, repair technician and surface finisher at Specimen. He teaches Effects Pedal BuildingGuitar ElectronicsElectric Guitar BuildingLap Steel Guitar BuildingGuitar and Bass RepairSetup & Maintenance for Guitar and Bass and Finishing Techniques at the Chicago School of Guitar Making.

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Classes are taught by Specimen owner Ian Schneller, or guest instructors Richard Phillis, Pete Mueller or Kye Kennedy. The course description will state who the instructor is for the given class


All classes are held at Specimen located at 1240 N. Homan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois. Click here for a map

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