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Champ Tube Amp Building

The Tweed Champ tube amp is one of the most famous guitar amps of all time, and with good reason. Used heavily for recording, it sports just eight watts of blissful single ended tube power, with enough volume to jam with a drummer and also deliver beautiful warm tones at low volume. In just three days you can build this faithful classic. It is a beautiful reproduction of the 1950 era tweed Champ with a finger joined pine cabinet and vulcanized fiberboard motherboard, just like the original. The special kit build we are offering for this class includes a variety of optional mods and upgrades that make this one of the most versatile builds in the music world.

Champ Class


Students will obtain a fundamental understanding of this simple circuit design, stage by stage. They will also learn the craft of point to point wiring and how to modify a circuit to shape its tone by changing component values. Through building an amplifier, students will begin to develop the diagnostic skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair other amplifiers.

Special upgrades and options include:

  • All Switchcraft jacks
  • 12 foot AC cord
  • Hum reduction
  • Boost options
  • Treble bleed options
  • Drilled and tapped motherboard and chassis


Tuition: $485 (Lunch included both days)

Kit/Materials + Shipping: $576.79

Total fee: $1,061.79

Check out this video of Kyle from the Chicago band, PEEL, playing through the very same amp that you will build in this workshop.

Champ Tube Amp Features:

  • Circuit: 5F1
  • Output: ~8 watts
  • 1 JJ 6v6 Vacuum Tube
  • 1 JJ 5Y3 Vacuum Tube
  • 1 JJ 12AX7 Vacuum Tube
  • Speakers: 1 Mojotone American Vintage AV8C/ 4ohm 15 Watts Nominal
  • Resistors and Capacitors: Carbon Comp. Sprague, TAD, Orange drop
  • Original Style Black Fiberboard Motherboard w/ Eyelets
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Extra long AC cord
  • Modern center taps on filaments for superior sonics and safety


Ian Schneller is the founder and chief instructor of the Chicago School of Guitar Making. With over 800 handmade instruments bearing his Specimen name, he brings a wellspring of knowledge to the classroom with the mission of perpetuating the tradition of handcraft and design innovation. He has shown his work in a variety of museums around the country and is a faculty member of the Sculpture Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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