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Aluminum Electric Ukulele

An electric soprano instrument is a rare thing, indeed.

This electric ukulele features a somewhat wider neck than one usually sees on a uke allowing for string bending capabilities that are above and beyond a normal guitar. The aluminum body is a deep, hollow construction giving muscle to an otherwise diminutive instrument.

With this ukulele, screaming leads flow effortlessly, monster chicken picking is a delight, and its rhythmic ability is sublime. It can cut through even the foggiest of ensembles.

This electric uke is truly infectious with a portability factor that is second to none.


Neck: Bolt-on birds-eye maple
Scale Length: 13-7/8"
Truss Rod: None
Fretboard: Ebony
Body: Aluminum
Pickups: Custom made Specimen Ukulele pickup
Controls: Volume
Bridge: Wooden floating bridge
Other features: Custom made tailpiece carved from aluminum billet

Specimen Aluminum Electric UkuleleSpecimen Aluminum Electric Ukulele