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Satellite Subwoofer

Specially-designed to be utilized with our Horn Speakers, this Satellite/Subwoofer is a self-contained unit that can connect to your iPod, mp3 player, computer, CD player, or other sound source to create a powerful and beautiful self-contained stereo system.

Power Amplifier:

The Specimen Satellite/Subwoofer uses the Keiga KG3100 2.1 Amplifier. It features a 50-watt mono subwoofer channel and two 25-watt satellite stereo channels. The amplifier is designed to be built into the subwoofer enclosure and then run speaker wire out to the speakers. There is an electronic crossover (high/low pass) that is variable from 75 to 150Hz. There is also a switchable bass boost and level control for the subwoofer unit. The amplifier will accept either RCA or 3.5mm Mini Jack inputs.

This hefty little cube's performance is surprisingly solid for its size and can provide very nice volumes with excellent deep bass. It is a fantastic upgrade for any computer system. Applications also include 2.1 channel Home Theater, I-Pod, MP3 player, portable CD player and other audio devices.

Color Finishes:

The Specimen Satellite/Subwoofer is made using the same Baltic Birch plywood we use for the horn speaker bases and can be finished to match perfectly. Presently we offer the following colors:

- Natural
- Dark Walnut
- Dark Green
- Dark Red
- Dark Orange

Custom colors are also available.

Place the Satellite/Subwoofer on the floor with the horn speakers flanking your flat-screen TV, computer, or stereo system for a beautifully minimalist design.

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Dimensions: 10-7/8" x 12-1/2" x 11-1/2"
Power output Watt@4 ohms: 50 & 2x25
- THD: 0.08%
- S/N ratio @ rated power: 76dB
- Input sensitivity @ 100Hz - low level: 80mV
- Input sensitivity @ 100Hz - high level: 3.5V
- Input impedance: 22k ohms
- Variable Crossover Frequency: 75-150Hz
- Weight: 20 lbs.
- AC Voltage: 115 / 230 switchable

*Custom finishes to suit any décor are available as a special order

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Specimen Satellite Subwoofer dark orangeSpecimen Satellite Subwoofer dark orange

062014_Specimen-9030 062014_Specimen-9032 062014_Specimen-9037 062014_Specimen-9038  062014_Specimen-9045 062014_Specimen-9067-Edit 062014_Specimen-9076 062014_Specimen-9077 062014_Specimen-9079 062014_Specimen-9086 062014_Specimen-9088 062014_Specimen-9092             Specimen Custom Satellite Subwoofer

Specimen Horn Speakers with Satellite Subwoofer