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This guitar came in the shop for some repair work. It’s a nice Harmony Archtop, probably from the 1950s, but what makes it truly special are the numerous illustrations by some of the comic world’s most beloved artists. On the top side is a dinosaur by William Stout, there is also a “franken-monster” by Albert Feldstein (editor of Mad magazine), a curious creature by John Rush, a haunting female face by Ted Naife, and a Mariachi dude by Sergio Aragones.

The owner of this guitar kindly provided us with a complete listing on all the artists featured on his guitar. They are: Bob Burden, Alex Ross, Adam Hughes, Basil Gogos, Thomas Blackshear, Dave McKean, Mike Dringenberg, Mike Mignola, Dan Brereton, Arthur Suydam, Mark Carter, Ted Naifeh, Al Feldstein, Mark Brooks, John Rush, Dan Henderson, Barron Storrey, Steve Lieber, Tony de Zuniga, Paul Guinan, Sergio Aragones, Terry Dodson, Doug Klauba, Mark Schultz, Eric Joyner, Gary Amano, Ruben Martinez

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February 17, 2012
4:14 pm

Mike Dees


Some of the other drawings look like a skull plant by Art Suydam, a profile by Alex Ross, a female profile by Adam Hughes, Flaming Carrot by Bob Burden, a bird head by Gary Amaro, Hellboy by Mike Mignola, a woman’s head by Terry Dodson, and Frankenstein’s Monster by Basil Gogos. I also see a signature by Steve Lieber, but can’t tell which drawing it goes to.

February 18, 2012
12:02 pm



The owner of this guitar kindly provided us with a complete listing on all the artists featured on his guitar. They are:
Bob Burden
Alex Ross
Adam Hughes
Basil Gogos
Thomas Blackshear
Dave McKean
Mike Dringenberg
Mike Mignola
Dan Brereton
Arthur Suydam
Mark Carter
Ted Naifeh
Al Feldstein
Mark Brooks
John Rush
Dan Henderson
Barron Storrey
Steve Lieber
Tony de Zuniga
Paul Guinan
Sergio Aragones
Terry Dodson
Doug Klauba
Mark Schultz
Eric Joyner
Gary Amano
Ruben Martinez

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