Acoustic Guitar Building ~ Summer Camp – On Sale Until DEC 26

An immersive experience in a fully equipped guitar building workshop… Build a beautiful acoustic guitar under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. No experience necessary.   Questions? Please call us! 773-489-4830

Upright Electric Bass

This semi-solid upright electric bass whispers in your ear at the same time as it drives a large stack, short stack, or P.A. system.

Its weight is on the floor and its neck floats in your hand. Swooping, popping, and thumping tones issue forth from the instrument at your effortless command.

I loved playing this bass, and recorded some Shrimp Boat tracks with it at Brad Wood's studio, Idful, back in the mid-90s.


Scale length: 34" fretless
Fingerboard: Gaboon ebony
Pickups: Specimen "bootheel" pickup with ebony cover offers wide high- impedance bandwidth
Body: Neck-through big-leaf maple body, curly maple top, carved peg box
Bridge: Ebony
Tailpiece: Machined-brass trapeze tailpiece
End pin: Ebony

Specimen Upright Electric BassSpecimen Upright Electric Bass

Specimen Upright Electric BassSpecimen Upright Electric Bass