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The Peanut

The Peanut was the very first Specimen guitar ever made (circa 1987). The body is carved inside and out into a radial figure-eight shape. Its top is made from 1/4"-thick carved phenolic and mimics the annular rings of a tree.

The fretboard features engraved pearl inlays depicting the metamorphosis of the stag beetle from larva to mature adult.

This was the first time I have had such an immediate vision of a completed instrument. The public named it "The Peanut." I had never thought of such a thing. To me, the design is just a shape that tells a story: the story of the stag beetle.

Unfortunately, the instrument was not well-documented before we parted ways, so please forgive the poor quality photos.


Neck: One-piece maple neck-through body with glued-on sides
Scale length: 24-1/2"
Fretboard: Ebony
Headstock: Ebony headstock veneer bound in herringbone
Body: Carved maple with phenolic top
Pickups: Single-coil pickup
Controls: Volume
Tailpiece: Sculpted bell-brass tailpiece
Other Features: Carved ebony pickguard

Specimen Custom Electric Guitar

Specimen Custom Peanut Electric GuitarSpecimen Custom Electric GuitarSpecimen Custom Electric Guitar

Specimen Custom Peanut Electric GuitarSpecimen Custom Peanut Electric Guitar