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Electric Mandolin


Neck: Flamed maple neck
Scale length: 14"
Fretboard: Bound rosewood fretboard with pearloid position markers
Headstock: Six-spotted leafhopper inlay on headstock in mother of pearl and copper
Body: Deeply carved basswood body measuring 1-3/8" deep at rim and 3" deep overall, not including the bridge, overall body length of 23" and a width of 6", white binding and sunburst finish
Pickups: Custom-made four pole-piece pickup
Bridge: Rosewood bridge
Tailpiece: Tailpiece sculpted from an aluminum billet

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This mandolin has a rather ukulele-shaped body and only four strings. It can be tuned in fifths, but there is leeway here for other tunings (i.e. ukulele). Its sound is strong and clear with lots of sustain. Bending is easy and inviting, which is unusual on a short scale length.  Ever since hearing Mandolin Ecstasy by the virtuoso Mandolin U. Srinivas, I have been captivated by the magic of small-scale electric instruments and their potential.  Visit the Mandolin U. Srinivas web site for more information about him. I began working on this instrument around the time my daughter was in her mother’s womb, hence the gestational appearance.